Fluval EVO 52 Litre Saltwater All in One Kit


Fluval EVO 52 Litre Saltwater All in One Kit.

Fluval EVO 52 litre tank is a all in one including the light and 3 stage filtration system.


These are so cool you can go small in a BIG way with the Fluval EVO 52

With a 14,000k reef-capable LED, efficient 3-stage filtration system and seamlessly integrated hardware, EVO saltwater kits pack the same performance features as many aquariums several times their size, yet are small enough to fit on virtually any desktop or counter.

Now you can explore the marine hobby more confidently, conveniently and affordably than ever before.

Powerful energy-efficient LED lighting is specifically designed to bring out strong coral growth and fish colours with the Reef Capable LED Lighting.

  • For Optimal Coral Growth and Colour

  • Convenient Touch-Start Day & Night Illumination

  • Sleek, All-Aluminium Waterproof Casing

  • MULTI-STAGE Filtration

    Powerful 3-stage filtration with oversized Mechanical, Chemical and Biological media for optimal water clarity.


  • FOAM - Mechanical

  • CARBON - Chemical

  • BIOMAX - Biological

  • Experience the CONVENIENCE

    Easy Feed Opening
  • Large Cutout for easy access and feeding.

  • Multi-Directional Dual Outputs
  • Flow adjustment and directional flow is through the twin output nozzles.

  • Filtration Access
  • Lifting the top cover gives easy access to filtration for maintenance with disturbing or stressing whats inside the tank.

  • SEAMLESS Integration Option Extras

    Wanting to add a heater?

  • We are hoping that the Fluval Submersable Heater M Series Heater 50 W will be available shortly and this can be installed and hidden away.
  • To maintain a stable temperature within your aquarium, a submersible heater is recommended.

  • Wanting to add a Protein Skimmer

  • The Fluval PS2 MINI Protein Skimmer would be a perfect addition and again this is something that can be hidden from view keeping the nice, neat footprint.
  • Seamlessly fits into rear chamber of aquarium.
  • Effectively removes organic waste.
  • Compact, Powerful, Efficient.

  • Specifications:
  • Fluval EVO 52 Litres
  • AQUARIUM ITEM # 10531 (Black)
  • AQUARIUM SIZE 56 x 385 x 29 cm
  • LEDs 31
  • WATTAGE 16 W
  • COLOUR TEMP. 14000 K
  • FILTER OUTPUT 500 Litres per hour