Illumagic Rail Mounting System

From $75.00


  • Top rail in all sizing increments from 45cm to 180cm 
  • 2 x side mounts for all rimless tanks
  • Black stoppers and glass protectors for the mounting clamps
  • The Official Illumagic cable tie for a neat polished look
  • All tools and instructions provided for quick installation


The super sleek rail with endless mounting options

No matter what Illumagic lighting system you have, this new Rail Mounting System will  add even more versatility to your aquarium lighting options. The polished, super slick aluminium rail system will take your already stunning aquarium to the next level. A modern look to match any environment but also bringing utility to it's stunning form factor. 


Whether it be endless rows of Blaze Mini's mounted in both horizontal or vertical orientation and angles, the popular Blaze in large sizes towering over your aquarium surface or sliding in multiple Vitamini strip lights for that super blue glow, you'll find this Rail Mounting System forever useful.