Pondmax Natural String Algae Powder 180g

By Pondmax

String Algae Treatment Powder is a highly concentrated blend of Bionatural Pond Bacteria. The powder will recharge filters, and halves the maturation time for healthy pond bacteria, while rapidly consuming pond sludge and removing surface sedimentation.

Features & Benefits of PondMax String Algae Powder

  • Highly concentrated powder formulation
  • Naturally clears Blanket Weed (String Algae) in your pond
  • Contains natural plant extracts
  • Harmless to aquatic plants and pond wildlife

PondMax String Algae Powder Sizes

  • 50g (5 x 10g sachets) - Treats up to 5,000 Litres
  • 180g (18 x 10g sachets) treats up to 18,000L

How To Calculate Approximate Volume of Your Pond ?

  1. Times the Length (m) x Width (m) x Average Depth (m) of your pond.
  2. The result equals your pond volume in cubic metres.
  3. Times this value by 1000 to get you pond volume in Litres.