Ponddpro Uvlab

From $199.95

Quality pond UV sterilizer / water clarifier • Clears green water without chemical use • Tough and Durable Design • Easy installation and maintenance • Safe for pond livestock and filter bacteria • Multiple fittings provided for flexibility in application • Can be installed with existing filtration system • Kills harmful suspended bacteria pathogens and fungal spores
Ponddpro UVLAB is designed and built to eliminate green water problems as well as • UV Lab clears green water fast without chemical use by killing free floating algae ( with UVC ); the equipment is designed to keep your livestock and filter bacteria safe • Highly effective in disease prevention and improving overall water conditions by eliminating harmful free floating bacteria pathogens & fungal spores • Helps in preventing parasite infestation by killing free floating parasites that is exposed to the UVC • Designed to increase exposure / dwell time for added efficiency • Multiple fittings provided for flexibility in application • Can be easily fitted to your existing pond filtration system • Easy installation and maintenance • Stainless Steel body for extra toughness and durability, its reflective nature also improves effectiveness of UVC by 50% and more