Blue Life Phos Fx Media - Advanced Phosphate Resin

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Blue Life Phos FX is a resin designed to remove Phosphates quickly and safely giving better water conditions helping to reduce Algae.

Organic Fx:


  • Most cost-effective phosphate media on the market
  • Highest adsorption capacity
  • Rapid adsorption twice as fast as GFO
  • No clumping or disintegrating
  • Will not leach, ever!
  • Spherical beads allow excellent contact time
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Safe for both fresh and saltwater
  • Can be regenerated 6 or more times!
  • Non-toxic solution

  • Instructions and Guidelines:


    PHOS Fx is an exceptional macroporous phosphate removal resin for use in both fresh and saltwater environments.

    Its high capacity, long-lasting beads and easy regeneration make it the most cost effective phosphate removal media on the market.

    PHOS Fx has an unparalleled capacity to adsorb phosphates quickly and safely.
    Don't let your tank fall victim to algae blooms and coral recession.

    Protect your aquarium with PHOS Fx! The 250 ml kit will remove 5ppm of phosphates in 946 litres, 10ppm in 473 litres and the 500 ml kit will remove 5ppm of phosphates in 1892 litres, 10ppm in 946 litres.

    Phos Fx is regenerable multiple times, making it a cost-effective means for the reduction of nitrates in marine and freshwater aquariums.