Oase Aquarius Fountain Set 3500

By Oase

Product Details

3400 lph, 2.7m max. head, 70 watts.

Fountains in the garden pond made easy - here you have an easy start and can enjoy your new fountain in the garden pond in no time. Water fountains create life in the garden, not only from the sounds and movement of the water, but also a three dimensional focal point within the display on the landscape.

Aquarius pumps offers a 2-year guarantee, which can be extended by an additional 1 year, to a 3 year guarantee, upon registration via our website
  • Fountain Pump
  • Simply compact: Easy-to-install in water features with versatile effects
  • Second adjustable outlet (1/2" to 1")
  • Includes 3 different fountain heads (Vulkan, Lava and Magma).
  • Individual alignment of fountain via the telescopic extension and 15° swivel head.
  • Base Footings for stable positioning onto the pond floor
  • Integrated thermal protection.
  • Rated voltage 220- 240 V / 50Hz