LCA Np Free 500ml


LCA NP Free is a comprehensive liquid fertiliser that supplies Potassium and all the micro nutrients to help your plants grow and thrive.

It also increases the carbon level in your aquarium to inhibit algae and boost plant growth.

LCA NP Free is tailored for tanks with large bio-loads as it contains no extra nitrates or phosphates.

Its balanced mix of trace elements also makes it ideal for shrimp tanks.

If adequate nitrate and phosphate levels are present, full 4x per week dosing provides enough nutrients for even the most demanding tanks.


Dosage rate for 100L Tank

Please shake bottle before use.

For 4 days a week

  • Use 3 pumps (6ml) for every 100L
  • Repeat 4 times per week 30% weekly water change is suggested.

  • For Daily Dosing.
  • Use 2 pumps (4ml) for every 100L
  • Dosing Daily
  • 30% weekly water change is suggested