LCA Iron Dtpa Dry Fertiliser 100g


Iron (Fe DTPA (9%) is a source of chelated Iron (Fe) essential for chlorophyll production and lignin development for plants grown in both acidic and alkaline waters.
Instructions per 100L:
Add 250 milligrams into 100L tank twice per week with 30-50% weekly water change.
*Note* Amounts above are for reference only. Your planted aquarium may need more or less depending on many factors.


  • Advanced users:
  • 234 milligrams into 100L will yield the following
  • 0.2ppm Fe
  • Stable interval of ph of the chelated fraction 3-7.5

Store in cool dark environment

This is a different product to those that can be found at large retailers which is mainly EDTA ( Ph Stability of 6.5)
This product contains pure 9% iron and is fully effective in waters up to pH of 7.5.

Iron DTPA chelate, presented in the form of soluble microgranules (WG), indicated for the prevention and correction of deficiencies and imbalances in iron assimilation. It provides the necessary iron, totally chelated and stable, in a soluble form that can be assimilated by crops
- Maximum efficiency with lower dose rates in nutritional solutions
- Total and instantaneous solubility in all types of water without forming lumps or sediments
- Excellent compatibility with most fertilizers and agrochemical products normally used
- The presentation in the form of soluble micro-granules (WG) provides greater ease and convenience in the handling of the product
- Iron (Fe) chelated with DTPA and soluble in water: 9% w/w
- Chelating agent: DTPA
- Presentation: Soluble micro-granules (WG)
- Stable interval of pH of the chelated fraction: 3-7.5