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Fluval Nitrate Test Kit

By Fluval

Nitrate Test Kit, 0.0-110.0 mg/L (80 tests)

SKU: A7871 UPC: 01556178718
Format: 0.0-110.0 mg/L (80 tests)


Made in Canada, Fluval Test Kits accurately measure water parameters to help you maintain a balanced and healthy environment for your fish and plant life. It’s important to always test your source water as it may contain pollutants hazardous to your aquarium.

Nitrate develops when nitrite is broken down in the final stages of the nitrogen cycle. While levels up to 100ppm are generally not lethal, high levels of Nitrate can lead to algae growth; poor fish growth; fish stress; and in general must be avoided. Average nitrate levels should be maintained below 10 ppm in freshwater and less than 5 ppm in marine aquariums. Test weekly.