Fluval Bio-FX 5L

By Fluval

Fluval Bio FX Biological Media 5ltr Box

BIO-FX is a premium biological media designed for use with canister filters and sumps of all sizes, including Fluval’s flagship FX series. Featuring a deep pore structure with interconnected micro-tunnels, BIO-FX offers a vast surface area where billions of beneficial nitrifying bacteria can thrive.

  • Biological filter media

  • Designed for use with sump filtration and canister filters of all sizes

  • Deep pore structure with interconnected micro-tunnels offers vast surface area for billions of beneficial nitrifying bacteria to establish and thrive

  • Linked cavities permit free and even water flow, discourage blockages and prolong contact time for superior and effective biological filtration

  • Allows for the establishment of a high concentration of nitrifying bacteria to reduce ammonia and nitrite quickly and efficiently for a healthier aquarium

  • For best results, rinse monthly using aquarium water and replace partially every 6 months

  • For optimal filtration, place in the last stage of the filtration process

  • Usage: For most aquariums, 1 filter basket layer of BIO-FX is adequate. For higher bio loads, additional BIO-FX can be used