Erio Setaceum


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Eriocaulon setaceum has its origins in South-East Asia and Australia where it grows in stagnant and flowing waters.

Eriocaulon setaceum is not easy to cultivate. Like Tonina fluviatilis and most Syngonanthus species it prefers an acidic substrate and soft water (4° dH or below). It requires lots of light (0.75+ watts per litre), and CO2 injection is a must. It is important to maintain a balanced nutrient content and especially pay attention to supply sufficient nitrate (5-15 mg/l), phosphate (1-2 mg/l), iron and micronutrients. Some hobbyists set up dedicated tanks to keep Eriocaulon species and Tonina fluviatilis only, in order to fulfil their special requirements.

This Eriocaulon grows quite high and has needle like whiteish leaves. Despite its vertical growth it forms many lateral shoots, which helps it attain a bushy look. All in all it is a slow grower, though. Only cut if absolutely necessary, it does not respond well to trimming. If you have to cut it back it is best to replace the old plant with the cuttings. Cuttings should not exceed 5 cm in length, as longer cuttings tend to form many roots on their lower parts, which does not look very nice in the aquarium.

Eriocaulon setaceum is a beautiful fine-leaved plant, ideally suited as green accent plant or filler in the middle- or background. Its moderate growth and unique leaves make it an excellent choice for Dutch-style tanks.