Eheim - Surface Skimmer Extractor

By Eheim

EHEIM Surface Skimmer

The surface skimmer provides a permanently clean water surface, reducing oily film residue and therefore contributing to a reduction of microorganisms, better oxygen exchange and greater light penetration. It skims off the film residue and constantly brings new layers of water to the surface.

Further information:

The film residue is an unsightly film on the water surface of the aquarium Organic material like fats, proteins and waste matter gather here, forming a feeding ground for a host of unwanted microorganisms. The surface is, however, necessary for the essential oxygen exchange between the water and air. A film on the water surface reduces both the rate of diffusion and, on the other hand, the on-going biological surface processes also needed for extra oxygen. Light penetration will also be reduced and consequently plant growth as well as photosynthesis will be compromised.


  • Ensures a clear water surface, skims off oily film residue 
  • Reduces level of microorganisms on the water surface and contributes to a better oxygen exchange and more light penetration 
  • Constantly brings new layers of water to the surface 
  • Floating surface intake mechanism (ca. 2 cm), adjusts to the level of the   water
  • Automatic valve control at the bottom inlet, e.g. in case the surface   intake becomes blocked 
  • Consistent water intake, guarantees no air intake
  • Shut off of surface outlet e.g. for feeding
  • Telescopic design for all sizes of aquarium 
  • Attachable to all external filters in place of the intake pipe; 

For larger EHEIM Filter a T-reduction piece (EH4005990) is necessary for connection