DOOA System Stand 35 Black


DOOA System Stand 35 is made of steel with a clean & minimalist design. There are two color choices available in both Black and White.
There is a simple rack (located on the left side) inside the stand if for keeping fertilizers and additives. Also, there is a storage space for super Jet Filter ES-150 Vr. 2 inside the stand. 
This stand can comfortably hold a small tank, including System Terra 30 and System Aqua 30 or other small aquarium tanks such as Cube Garden W30xD30XH30(cm). This simple, "Made-in-Japan" stand is designed in pursuit of both sturdiness and performance for hobbyists to enjoy DOOA products more stylishly.




Product code:
152-002 Black / 152-003 White


W30xD30xH30 (cm)