DOOA Paluda Clean Pc


DOOA Paluda Clean PC is an exchangeable absorption pack for removing dissolved calcium and magnesium from the water with the function of cation exchange resin, and for preventing the white stains (water scale). A pack of the product should be added to Mistflow Box (water tank) of the DOOA System Paluda series and System Terra 30. It can be also used with System Aqua 30 for reducing the hardness of water. And water treated with this product in a separate container can be used for spraying. Use Paluda Clean PC and maintain Paludarium beautifully.

※50mL/pack (2 pack set)
※About 50L of treated water can be made with one pack (when TH of tap water is 100mg/L).
※The treated water is soft water less than TH: 10mg/L (It is not pure water).

■DOOA Paluda Clean PC – Product Information