Dooa Magnet Light Stand 15h

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ADA DOOA Magnet Light Stand 15H

Magnet Light Stand is a stand made of steel with 3 sizes created specifically for the Magnet Light G, which is compatible with Glass Pot SHIZUKU and Neo Glass Air (W20, W15). 

Magnet Light G can be installed (by attaching to the inside of the top ceiling panel) of the Magnet Light Stand by using the built-in magnet of the Magnet Light G. 

The power cord can be wired neatly by passing through a small hole on the back of the Magnet Light Stand.

※The DOOA Neo glass Air tank, Magnet light G, and Shizuku glass pot are sold separately.


Article Code: 153-009  Size: 20H / W21×D22×H41(cm)
Article Code: 153-010  Size: 20L / W21×D22×H31(cm)
Article Code: 153-011   Size: 15L / W16×D17×H36(cm)