DOOA Circulation Fan 40


Circulation Fan 40 compatible with System Paluda/Neo Glass Paluda is released from DOOA.
Circulation Fan 40 is a small fan to be installed to System Paluda/Neo Glass Paluda for making the air flow. Sufficient ventilation is necessary for cultivating epiphytic orchids that naturally grow on trees in a tropical rainforest. In Paludarium for growing tropical plants, it is necessary to maintain high humidity. But if just putting a lid and installing a humidifier, the air tends to stagnate. Consequently, it was quite difficult to grow epiphytic orchids. Circulation Fan 40 can be used for both suction and exhaust depending on the mounting direction to System Paluda/Neo Glass Paluda, and the humidity and ventilation appropriate for cultivating tropical plants can be executed. It is drip proof, intended to use in humid environments, and the airflow can be adjusted in 3 stages. By using Power Cord S-70 and having the Circulation Fan 40 operate simultaneously with Mistflow, an environment similar to a tropical cloud forest with flowing mist can be recreated.

※Connect the product to System Paluda 30/60・Neo Glass Paluda 30/60 and use. This product cannot be used alone.
※USB adapter (5V1A) does not come with the product. Connect the product to a USB port of Power Cord S-70 or purchase a USB adapter separately as needed.