DOOA Aqua Clean Ac


DOOA filter media

ADA releases new filter media, containing high performance activated carbon and activated alumina in non-woven fabric. It is the perfect filter media to use in DOOA System TERRA 30 and AQUA 30. AQUA CLEAN AC will eliminate the yellowing of aquarium water, organic matter and phosphates, and prevent algae blooms.

Rinse bag with water before use and place in a high flow area of the filtration chamber. Replace the bag when removal capacity is exhausted.

*Packaging: Box containing 2 bags (100mL/bag)
*Use one bag for small tanks and filters, including DOOA System TERRA 30, AQUA 30 and Super Jet Filter ES-150. Use 2 bags for Super Jet Filter ES-300 or ES-600, installed to a 60cm tank in width.