LCA Shrimp Gh+ Premium 250g


LCA Shrimp GH+ Premium is specially tailored to provide all the minerals, trace elements and Vitamin C essential for shrimp growth, survival and moulting.

Shrimp absorb a part of these elements directly from water, but in aquariums many of these substances are not provided in adequate amounts.

LCA Shrimp GH+ Premium also raises the general hardness (GH) of your water with high quality Calcium and Magnesium in EDTA form.

Add 15 grams per 100L, 3x per week with 30% weekly water change.
Pre-mix measured amount in small container of aquarium water then pour evenly in tank.
Note: 15 grams will raise GH by approx. 1.45dGH
Dosage amounts for reference only. You may need to use more or less depending on shrimp species and other factors.
Can be used alone or in conjunction with LCA Shrimp Vitality for best results.

30 grams in 100L yields
Calcium EDTA 18.95ppm
Magnesium EDTA 5.0ppm
Potassium 0.5ppm
Vitamin C 25ppm
​Plus a balanced amount of trace elements