Aquavitro Division Skimmers

From $459.95

The Aquavitro division ™ skimmers are designed by and for aquarists, for this reason they offer a multitude of unique features, among which stand out: its large polycarbonate collecting cup with built-in handle, drain height regulator, innovative muffler, complete elimination of micro-bubbles and its versatility of water / air flow.

The unique design of Aquavitro division ™ skimmers and their adjustable components make them the perfect solution for a wide variety of Sump configurations.

Available in 3 sizes:

Skimmers division ™ 125 up to 500L

Skimmers division ™ 250 up to 1000L

Skimmers division ™ 500 up to 2000L

How do Aquavitro division ™ skimmers work?

The Aquavitro skimmers or skimmer are  used to remove pollutants from the saltwater aquarium water , such as proteins, pigments, phenols, albumin, etc. With a mixture of water and air produced in the reaction and the properties of salt water, a dense foam is generated and collected in the collection cup. Due to the fact that different pollutants accumulate in the foam, which is later extracted from the aquarium water, the total organic load of the aquarium is reduced .

In addition,  in the division ™, the series skimmer will increase the oxygen content in the system  , increasing the oxidation / reduction potential (redox level) and help with pH balance and overall system cleanliness.