Aqua One Nano Co2 Set


Aqua One has your CO2 requirements covered with the Nano CO2 Set. The set comes with everything you need to boost aquatic plant growth! Carbon dioxide (CO2) assists your aquatic plants to grow and thrive. Without sufficient combinations of CO2 and lighting, aquatic plants are unable to photosynthesise and grow. Suitable for: Tropical & Planted • Includes a cylinder holder that conveniently hangs on the side of the aquarium. 

The diffuser should be fully submerged and not located near an air stone. The lower the diffuser is in the aquarium, the greater the contact time between the CO2 bubble and water, meaning more CO2 will dissolve. • Take precaution whilst turning on the CO2 as it is very sensitive. Monitor the bubble flow rate to ensure there is not an excess of CO2 in the tank. • Place the diffuser in an area that has good water movement. Greater flow will mean that dissolved CO2 is moved quickly away from the diffuser allowing more to dissolve into the aquarium water. • As this kit contains single use disposable cylinders that cannot be re-filled or re-used. The empty cylinders are recyclable and therefore should be disposed of with your household recyclables. Replacement cylinders are available from your local Aqua One dealer.