Aquaforest Af Marine Mix M 120g


Feed in granule form recommended for carnivorous ornamental fish, among others eg. Amphiprion (Clownfish/Anemonefish).AF Marine Mix M contains a high protein content to provide fish with proper growth and excellent condition. We recommend feeding in small portions several times a day. With AF Marine Mix m you can also successfully feed your corals. Product intended for aquarium use only. Not suitable for human consumption. Keep away from children.


fish and fish products, cereal products, fish oil, lecithin, yeast, antioxidants.


vit. A 9360 IU/kg, vit. C 468 mg/kg, vit E 187 mg/kg, vit. D3 545 IU/kg, iron 56.2 mg/kg, iodine 4.7 mg/kg, copper 4.7 mg/kg, manganese 18.7 mg/kg, zinc 56.2 mg/kg.

Analytical components: 

crude protein 42.1%, crude fat 11.7%, crude fiber 0.23%, crude ash 7.9%, moisture 28.5%