Aqua One Underwater Friends


Aqua One’s Floating Copi Sea Ornament range adds colour and movement to your aquarium; and they now glow in the dark! (Available for the Sea Dragon & Small Lionfish)

The Copi Sea Ornament range includes beautiful sea creatures such as Lionfish, Sea Dragons, and Nautilus. The floating ornaments move with the aquariums current, creating a captivating display. When used in aquariums featuring LED lighting, the colours are intensified creating a spectacular and mesmerising display.

Check out Aqua One’s large range of Floating Copi Sea Ornaments, which will be sure to liven up any aquarium, making it the perfect addition!

Features & Benefits:

  • Floating ornaments simulate life-like movement in water
  • Easy suction cup installation
  • The ‘Glow in the dark’ range will absorb light during the day and glow after the lights are switch off! (Available for the Sea Dragon & Small Lionfish)
  • Made from durable latex
  • Add life and colour to your aquarium