Aqua One Strainer Aquis 2200-2400 Nautilus 27000


Aqua One Inlet Full Pipe Set - For Aquis 2200/2400, Aquis Advance 2250/2450, Nautilus 2700/2700UV

The Aqua One Strainer connects to the intake pipes of aquarium filters to stop fish and large waste from getting sucked up into the motor of the filter which can clog up or damage the motor.

Aqua One Canister Filter Inlet Strainer is easy to install and designed for the following filters:

  • Aqua One Aquis 2200 Canister Filters
  • Aqua One Aquis 2400 Canister Filters
  • Aquis Advance 2250 & 2450
  • Nautilus 2700 & 2700UV


  • 1 x Black Inlet Strainer

Aqua One Spare Part Number: 10652