Aqua Medic Premium Line 190


The premium line reverse osmosis units are compact and versatile superior grade products.

They are supplied with two large (10″) prefilter housings and the activated carbon and sediment filter can easily be replaced.

All components, the prefilter housings and the membrane module are mounted onto a strong powder coated wall mounting bracket.

A sediment filter retains all particles larger than 5 µm and a carbon filter protects the membrane by removing chlorine.

The membrane, the heart of the unit, is responsible for the water quality. We use the latest generation of TFC (polyamide / polysulfone) membranes to provide the highest quality treated water.

There is a flushing valve included and thus the systems can achieve a recovery ratio of approx. 3-4:1 concentrate: permeate, and a rejection rate of up to 98%.

Premium Line 190 - 75 – 190 l/day