Api Accu-Clear

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API® ACCU-CLEAR water clarifier quickly clarifies cloudy water in your aquarium, eliminating haze to make your water crystal clear. API ACCU-CLEAR water clarifier clumps tiny floating particles together, forming large particles to be more easily removed by your aquarium filter. The product is safe for use with all freshwater fish and plants.

Add 1 ml. per 10 gallons of aquarium water. Water will clear within several hours. If a second dose is necessary, wait 24 hours


What does API ACCU-CLEAR™ water clarifier do? It clumps small particles together to form larger pieces, which settle down & are then removed by filter or siphon. Is API ACCU-CLEAR™ safe with fish & plants? Yes, it won't cause harm. Why can't it be used in marine aquariums? It won't clear cloudiness & may make it worse in water w/ high mineral content. Can it be used with salt in fresh water aquariums? Low level of salt won't impact it, but it's not a healing treatment like salt. Does it clear cloudiness caused by bacterial blooms? It helps, but doesn't address the cause, so cloudiness will return. Can you repeat the dose? After 24 hours, but no more than that or cloudiness may increase. A weekly dose is ok, but if you still see cloudiness, you should do a 25% water change.