ADA Phyton Git Sol 100ml


Phyton-Git Sol supply

The new Phyton-Git Sol comes with an easy-to-use syringe (1 mL). It is easy to add at pinpoint, and the viscous solution of bactericidal component stays in the place where it is added for a long time. 

Control of blue green algae by Phyton-Git Sol

Among algae appeared in aquariums, blue green algae are particularly fast growing and most troublesome. Since blue green algae are close to molds, they have a weak side with bactericidal ingredients. By sucking out the blue green algae in advance, the blue green algae control effect of Phyton-Git Sol is further enhanced. 
Blue green algae are likely to appear in areas with poor water circulation. When the undergrowth is overgrown, the dirt accumulates and blue green algae are also easily generated. 
As a procedure for blue green algae control, first use a thin hose and suck with water. It is important to suck out as much as possible. 
Since blue green algae has infiltrated the undergrowth, it is difficult to suck them completely. It will be regenerated soon from the remaining blue green algae. 
Finally add Phyton-Git Sol. The bactericidal ingredient stays in the place where it is added for a long time to prevent the regeneration of the remaining blue green algae. 
By making Phyton-Git Sol more viscous, bacericidal ingredient of Phyton-Git Sol stays in the targeted spot for a long time. It can be pinpointed to the spot where blue green algae are generated using the attached syringe and can be effectively eliminated.