DOOA Magnet Light G


Magnet Light G is a compact (10W) LED lighting fixture featuring 20 pieces of high brightness white LED lights (green bulbs), which enhance the color of green plants and make them look more vivid. 

It has a built-in magnet inside the top light housing. It will transform the Magnet Light Stand or Magnet Light Arm (which are sold separately) into a proper lighting system by installing the Magnet Light G. 

The brightness of light can be adjusted in 6 levels. Magnet Light G also supports timer management with memory function.  

※USB power adapter does not come with the product. Please purchase a 5V2A USB adapter separately that is already available on the market.

※The DOOA Neo glass air tank, Terra Base, Magnet light Stand, and Shizuku glass pot are sold separately.


Article Code: 153-008

※Size: Ø90、H19(mm)
※Input voltage: 5V
※Rated power: 10W
※Power consumption: 5V2A 9W±10%
※Input terminal: USB Type A
※Illuminance (Central illuminance at 10cm distance): 5V2A About 16,000Lux
※Color temperature: About 7,000~8,000K (Due to the nature of LED lighting, there are variations in color temperature)
※LED: White LED (green bulbs) x 20 lights
※LED lifetime: Over 30,000 hours (Subject to operating environment)
※Operating temperature range: 0~35℃

※Because the rated power of this product is 10W, in order for this product to demonstrate sufficient performance, connect the product to a 5V2A USB adapter or ADA Power Cord S70.