DOOA Essential Oil Kuromoji 1ml



Essential Oil was launched by DOOA specifically for use in Wood Base SHIZUKU (sold separately). This natural essential oil is extracted from trees that grow in Niigata, Japan. To obtain 1 ml of this concentrated oil, 1 kg of plant raw material is used. All production steps in the manufacture of these outstanding oils, beginning with the procurement of materials over distillation to bottling, are subject to strict quality control. The result is an authentic and rich scent that synthetic products cannot achieve. 
Using these select wood-scented essential oils combined with the natural material of the DOOA Wood Base and a beautifully planted Glass Pot SHIZUKU, a harmonic atmosphere for the senses will be created.

Essential Oil is available in two unique scents, Kuromoji and Rainforst. The oils come in a handsome, thinned wooden case made from Japanese cedar wood in Niigata Prefecture.


  • Pure essential oil from Niigata, Japan
  • Gained from 100% natural raw materials
  • Available in two unique scent nuances
  • For a relaxing feel-good atmosphere
  • To be used with DOOA Wood Base SHIZUKU (not included in scope pof delivery)


1-2 drops of oil are added into the intended hole of the Wood Base SHIZUKU. Then, the hole is closed with the included wooden stick again.