ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Powder 3lt


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ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia (Powder)

Designed to create the image of Amazonia. Create an aquascape depicting the fertile South American rainforest with the dynamic alternation of rainy and dry seasons.

Aqua Soil Series

A high pH level (alkaline) of the substrate causes difficulties for aquatic plants in consuming nutrients. The Aqua Soil Series decreases the hardness of the water and lowers the PH level to the degree at which most aquatic plants can consume nutrients and comfortably grow. Aqua Soil granules maintain their shape and density for long periods underwater securing good circulation of water and oxygen through the substrate. With Aqua Soil, growing difficult plants such as Tonina sp. becomes easier, and it is ideal for fishes demanding soft water.

Special Features:

* Completely new substrate made from specially processed natural material from the earth.
* Colloid particles capture dirt floating in the water, without any chemical treatment.
* Gives clarity to the water and creates conditions ideal for healthy growth of aquatic plants.
* Helps to lower the hardness level of the water.
* Helps to bring the pH level of the water down to an ideal level for most of the aquatic plants.
* Composed of granules of size and density ideal for the fast development of healthy plant root systems, rather than conventional substrates such as sand.
* Granules maintain their shape for a long period in water, holding air between them, which is vital for the long time maintenance of a planted aquarium.
* Used with Power Sand stimulates the fast colonization of bacteria in the substrate and creates perfect conditions for plant root systems.
* Most desirable pH level for most aquatic plants(ph 5.5 - 6.5) to develop their root systems.
* Available in 3 types to suit your aquarium layout.