Shrimp Wood

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Note this is a natural product so shapes and sizes vary.

Shrimp Wood has been a recent sensation in the world of Aquascaping.

We are honoured to be one of the first in Australia to have received this wood.

The structure of the wood is similar to Dragon Stone, However it is a wood and it is an amazing wood to say the least.

The Intricate look of the wood makes any aquascaping tanks a sight to behold. Due to the look and feel it is also a heavy sinking wood and will have no issues on sinking into your tank.

The wood doesn't expel much tannins and it can be used for a variety of applications.

This is the best wood for setting up a shrimp tank, as the woods natural honeycomb feature provides many hides for shrimp and places to attack epiphytes and mosses to.

Whether you are looking to add shrimps, tetras, danios or livebearers this piece of wood is for you.

Also it is easy for Corydoras and Plecos (However Plecos may nibble on the wood).