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Immerse yourself in a world of limitless possibilities, effortlessly crafting stunning and unique habitats using the innovative LandForm Pads. Composed of a breathable textile filled with a blend of porous, lightweight stones, these versatile pads empower you to create a wide array of captivating scape shapes, from gentle slopes to towering peaks. Simultaneously, the pads facilitate the growth of beneficial bacteria, ensuring a healthy and thriving environment for your aquatic and terrestrial inhabitants.

  • Description

    LandForm Pads provide the ultimate solution for crafting intricate topographies in your aquarium or terrarium. Composed of a special textile fill with a blend of porous, lightweight stones, these pads enable you to form a range of captivating scapes, from gentle slopes to towering peaks. At the same time, the pads promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, contributing to a flourishing and well-balanced environment for both aquatic and terrestrial inhabitants.


    Unleash your creativity and transform your aquarium or terrarium with LandForm Pads, offering endless possibilities for designing captivating environments. Experience stable and long-lasting topographies. As versatile cushions, these innovative pads allow hobbyists to explore their artistic side while maintaining control over substrate mixing and creating unique volumes and forms.


    LandForm's specially designed mix substrate media promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, contributing to a healthy and thriving aquatic environment. The porous and breathable textile allows water circulation and oxygen exchange, providing an ideal habitat for beneficial bacteria to flourish. These bacteria play a crucial role in the nitrogen cycle, breaking down harmful waste products and converting them into less toxic compounds, thereby maintaining water quality and overall ecosystem health. Additionally, the porous nature of the material helps prevent the formation of anaerobic areas, where harmful bacteria and toxic gases can accumulate. By fostering a thriving bacterial population, LandForm ensures a stable and balanced environment, promoting the well-being of your aquatic inhabitants and plants.


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    LandForm Pads enable you to:


    • Limit Substrate Mixing: Use LandForm Pads as barriers to prevent different substrates from mixing, maintaining a clean and organized look within your aquarium or terrarium.
    • Create Volumes: Use LandForm Pads to add depth and dimension to your landscape, crafting mesmerizing scenes with varying heights and contours.
    • Form Sophisticated Shapes: LandForm Pads can be shaped to create tunnels, caves, or other intricate structures, bringing your aquatic or terrestrial vision to life.
    • Layering: Stack LandForm Pads to create terraces, cliffs, or multi-level landscapes, enhancing the visual appeal of your design.
    • Customizable Coverage: LandForm Pads can be concealed with various materials, such as Sticky Soil, aqua soil, wetlands, sand, gravel, biotope beds, Insula Pads series, to seamlessly integrate with your existing setup.
    • Healthy Ecosystem: LandForm Pads are the medium for beneficial bacteria, promoting overall ecosystem health by supporting nutrient cycling, reducing harmful substances, and enhancing water quality.
    • Versatile Design: The porous, breathable material of the pads fosters beneficial bacterial growth, prevents anaerobic zones, and contributes to the natural filtration process for a thriving aquatic or terrestrial environment.


    With LandForm Pads, the only limit is your imagination. Aquarium and terrarium hobbyists can delve into a world of creative possibilities, crafting stunning and unique environments for their aquatic or terrestrial inhabitants. LandForm Pads provide the flexibility and versatility needed to bring your artistic vision to life.

  • Key Points

  • Characteristics

  • Usage

  • LandForm Pads may release some dust, as they are designed to be covered and can be used without rinsing. However, if you plan to use them in a filled aquarium, it is highly recommended to gently rinse the pads under running water to minimize dust release.
  • Determine the location: Place LandForm Pads on any surface, in any orientation—horizontal, vertical, half-turn, bend, or any other creative way you can imagine.
  • Place the LandForm Pad: Simply position the LandForm Pad on the desired surface. It can be placed directly on the glass, on top of other LandForm Pads, rocks, woods, or any other surfaces.
  • Cover the LandForm Pad: LandForm Pads can be concealed using materials such as Sticky Soil, sand, gravel, aqua soil, wetlands, biotope beds, or any other suitable material, seamlessly integrating into your design.
  • Create your dream scape: LandForm Pads unleash your creativity and design amazing topographies, terrain volumes, and stunning scapes with ease and fun. Experiment with various layouts and designs, crafting the perfect environment for your aquatic or terrestrial inhabitants.