Waterbox Platnium Frag 85.3


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The Waterbox FRAG systems are an industry first.

The FRAG series provides advanced hobbyists a way

create the ultimate shallow reef aquarium.

The FRAG height is 16” compared to the typical 21-24”.

Full Glass Overflow

Overflow boxes are constructed entirely of glass with water-etched weir teeth.

Dual Adjustable Return Nozzles

Each side of the glass overflow box features adjustable return nozzles for precise water agitation.

Glass Overflow Lid

Each Waterbox has an overflow cover with unique branding.

Unique Height of 16"

Overflow boxes are constructed entirely of glass with water-etched weir teeth.

Waterbox Aquariums

Plumbing Simplified

Our engineers have designed the FRAG with a ready to assemble plumbing kit that provides easy installation without any gluing required.

Quick Connect Assembly

Assembly is quick and easy with no gluing required

Precision Gate Valve

Controls the flow through the drains, ensuring quiet operation.

Safety Drain

Diverts water into the filtration compartment preventing an overflow, in the event of a clog.


Additional valves available for optional equipment.

*Available on the FRAG 145.5 and FRAG 165.6

Flexible Return Line

Accommodates your choice of return pump by using a flexible hose.

A Reef Ready Sump System

The FRAG system shines above the rest with our thoughtfully designed, sized and placed sump system.