Shrimpfluencer Shrimp Snow 100g


Detailed Summary
Made from 100% soybean hulls, Shrimpfluencer’s Snow is great for freshwater shrimp, snails, crayfish and catfish. It encourages growth by acting as a media for mycelium to grow on. Mycelium is a type of fungus that shrimp feed on. The fungus can produce nutritional components, including proteins and amino acids. The pellets will expand once submerged, creating a carpet of ‘snow’ inside your tank.
Directions for use
Place a small amount of the food directly into the tank. As general guide place a 5mm long piece of the pellet into the tank per 10-15 shrimp. Product may remain in the tank until consumed – will not foul water. Intended to be used with supplementary products to form a balanced diet.
Nutritional breakdown
Typical composition: crude fibre 35% max; crude protein 14%; crude fat 6% max; Water Sol. Carbs 3.9%; ESC (Simple sugars) 3.7%; Starch 0.8%; Digestible energy 8.41 MJ/KG Other nutrients: Lysine 9.2 G/KG; Calcium 5.12 G/KG; Phosphorus 1.86 G/KG; Magnesium 2.68 G/KG; Potassium 11.34 G/KG; Sodium 0.133 G/KG Trace minerals: Iron 387 PPM; Zinc 45 PPM; Copper 8 PPM; Manganese 22PPM; Molybdenum 0.5 PPM