Seachem Plant Pack Fundamentals

By Seachem

Seachem Fundaments Plant Pack 3 x 100ml bottles

Seachem Fundaments Plant

Seachem Fundaments Plant Pack 3 x 100ml bottles of Flourish, Flourish Iron and Flourish Excel giving a wide spectrum of fertilisation promoting good growth in your aquarium.


  • Plant Pack Fundamentals
  • Perfect starter pack for beginners
  • Contains 100 mL bottles of Flourish, Flourish Iron, and Flourish Excel
  • Broad spectrum, iron, and carbon

  • Description

    Plant Pack Fundamentals is an excellent pack for beginning aquatic gardeners. It contains Flourish, Flourish Iron, Flourish Excel.

    Flourish is a growth stimulator for aquarium plant stems and leaves.

  • It contains a broad spectrum of essential trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids.
  • Flourish is rich in gluconate iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium, potassium, inositol, choline B12, biotin, and other factors that have been determined to be beneficial to aquatic plants.

  • Flourish Iron is a companion product to Flourish and Flourish Tabs.

  • It is a complexed ferrous (Fe+2) iron product which contains 10,000 mg/L of iron and is ideal for iron maintenance in the natural planted aquarium.
  • Plants can utilize both ferric (Fe+3) and ferrous (Fe+2) iron, although they prefer ferrous iron when available.

  • Flourish Excel is a simple source of readily available organic carbon.

  • All plants require a source of carbon. This is typically obtained from CO2, but, may also be obtained via relatively simple organic compounds (such as photosynthetic intermediates).
  • Since both processes occur simultaneously one can derive a substantial benefit with the use of Flourish Excel™ either alone or in conjunction with CO2 injection.