Red Sea Copper Test Kit


Red Sea Cu Copper Test Kit

Red Sea’s Copper Test kit accurately measures chelated and non-chelated Copper in salt and fresh water aquarium.

Copper treatment

Both beginners and advanced aquarists will experience occasional outbreaks of parasitic diseases like marine white spots ( Cryptocaryn irritans ), Velvet disease ( Amyloodinium ocellatum ), Clownfish disease ( Brookynella hostilies ) and more. A number of stress factors can be the cause of this problem. For example poor water quality, unsuitable or fluctuating temperature or salinity, as well as social factors. Treatment with Copper is often the only way to treat infected fish and prevent future outbreaks of the diseases. As a general rule, the effective Copper treatment dosage is 0.15-0.3 ppm for 14 days treatment period. In some cases slightly lower or higher concentration may be required depends on the type of parasite, severity of infection and the fish sensitivity to copper.

Note: In some cases lower concentrations than 0.3 will not kill the parasites and may even lead to an increased resistance against the Copper, while overdosing will lead to complications for the fish and even death. Therefore, any copper treatment should be applied only if it is monitored constantly. The only way to provide a Copper treatment that is both safe and effective, is to test the Copper level daily with a reliable kit and to add more treatment to the recommended dosage as necessary. It is important to understand that the availability of free copper ions depends on many factors, such as the amount of dissolved organics, aragonite surfaces and the total alkalinity.

Directions for Copper test kit

  • 1. Clean the glass testing vial by rinsing it with water to be tested.
  • 2. With the applied syringe, fill the test tube with 17 ml of water to be tested.
  • 3. With the applied pipette add 8 drops of Copper indicator.
  • 4. Close glass vial with the lead and shake gently.
  • 5. Remove the lead and move the vial between the designated positions on the color card, look into the vial from above and compare the color in the vial to the colors on the card.

  • Test Type: Cu

    Accuracy :0.075ppm

    Range: 0-0.6ppm

    Test Type: Colourmetric

    Number of Tests: 100