Pond Mix bucket 5L/800G


POND MIX mixed foods for all pond fish. A unique food mix of tasty flakes, floating sticks, sinking granules, tablets, dried Gammarus pulex and shrimps for everyday feeding of all ornamental fish kept in garden ponds. The wide variety of different kinds of foods fully meets the nutritional requirements of fish and allow them to feed in a way they do in their natural environment as POND MIX can be eaten by fish that take food from the surface, from the middle layers of water and from the bottom. The variety of tastes gives fish the real feast and is the source of all essential nutrients. Fish regularly fed with POND MIX are healthy, full of life and they have splendid coloration.
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A recommended menu for pond fish: Pond Mix, Koi & Goldfish Vegetable Sticks, Koi & Goldfish Colour Sticks