Pogostemon Helferi Tissue Culture 5cm pot

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This plant was discovered by aquarists in Thailand, close to the border with Burma. It is called 'Downoi' (little star) in Thailand, and it is easy to see why (5-10 cm tall and wide). Pogostemon helferi is an unusual and distinctive aquatic plant with a compact habit, curly leaves and a strikingly beautiful green colour. With good light conditions and a substrate rich in nutrients Pogostemon helferi forms many side shoots, which develop small roots, and the plant rapidly forms an impressive carpet of foreground vegetation.

Higher light levels will encourage more compact growth, although not essential for the plant to survive. Under lower light, Pogostemon Helferi grows taller. If you see yellow leaves then try increasing nutrient in the water. CO2 is required under higher lighting for healthy growth.

Plant info

Type: Stem
Origin: Asia
Growth rate: Medium
Height: 3-10cm+
Light Demand: Medium
CO2: Medium