Pax Bellum ARID N24 Reactor

$1,299.95 $1,459.00


This innovative algae reactor provides reef keepers with the ultimate tool to export nutrients and maintain nitrate and phosphate at levels required for vigorous SPS coral growth. The ARID is a work of art and it’s patented design is based on more than a decade of research and development. As an option, you can order a Ca Reactor Feed/Injection Assembly to send excess CO2 from your calcium reactor right into the ARID, which further benefits the growth of macro algae. Light Tube Assembly should be replaced after 10-12 months.


  • Recommended System Size: 120-250 gallons
  • Recommended Flow Rate: 180-250 gph
  • Recommended Pump: Maxijet 1200 or Mag Drive 5 (pump not included)
  • Total Height: 30″; Total Footprint: 14″
  • 1/2″ FNPT inlet/outlet ports