Neptunian Cube K90


Introducing the Neptunian Cube "KING-Series" White 90x55x140cm

Special Marine Event price, ends 18.12.17

Opti-Clear Glass for Brilliant Optics and tranparency!!

High Gloss "PVC" Cabinet - WIll not swell with water. 

Cabinet Comes Assembled

Available in Black or White

Built in Wier with Dual Outlet Pipes

Dual Filter Sock Holders (Socks Included)

Dosing Pump Connections and Inlets

ATO Float Valve Included

Integrated PVC Sump with Adjustable Baffles and Compartment Covers

All Plumbing Included with Union Joints

All Accessories including Skimmer, Reactors, etc Sold Seperately. We recommend OCTO Components

Available in 60, 90, 120, and 150cm

Custom Sizes available for Special Order!!


Tank Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1500 (L) x 600 (W) x 550 (H).
  • Capacity: 495L.
  • Glass thickness: 15mm. 
  • Opti-Clear glass. 
  • Flat polished edges.
  • Open top (rimless).
  • Perfectly cut silicone edges.
  • Black laminate covered rear panel (removable)
  • Internal Corner Weir - Right rear corner.
  • Silent operation.
  • Screw fit pre-fabricated plumbing.
  • Single return flow pipe.
  • Laser etched CADE logo. 
  • Chamois. 
  • Spirit level. 
  • Packaging: Plywood box, plastic wrapped with foam corners.

Cabinet Specifications.

  • Colour - Black & White/Gold.
  • Dimensions: 1500 (L) x 600 (W) x 800 (H).
  • Waterproof alluminum / glass cabinet. 
  • Foam tank pad pre-installed.
  • Glass front, side doors and internal shelf. 
  • Side panels doors open to power and cable management. Each side contains a power board with 8 power ports (total x16) accepting both Australian and Chinese power plugs. 
  • Adjustable castor feet. 
  • Cabinet supplied completely assembled c/w sump secured inside.
  • Packaging: Plywood box with foam corners.  

Sump Filter Specifications.

  • Dimensions: 1340 (L) x 450 (W) x 360 (H).
  • Capacity: 217L.
  • Four chambers + ATO
  • Prefilter mechanical chamber: 45x10cm (LxW).
  • Protein skimmer chamber: 62x45cm (LxW).
  • Biological media chamber: 62x27cm (LxW).
  • Return pump chamber: 62x18cm (LxW). Water height in controlled chambers (pre-filter, skimmer & biological chambers): 21cm (H). 
  • Auto top off (ATO) gravity fed c/w float valve.
  • ATO Volume: 25L