Mini Rose Moss


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Defined by its smaller leaves and the slight twist in the "stem".
Mini Rose is a rare aquarium liverwort. It is a slow-growing plant that is capable of living in cold water tanks as well as tropical tanks. It grows lush bushy patches that are a favourite hiding place for shrimp and fish fry.

You will receive 1x 2.5x2.5cm tray of Mini Rose moss similar to the one seen in the example image.


How to care for your moss:
- Mosses prefer a cooler tank between 21-24 degrees is optimal.
- Mosses are relatively delicate and don't have roots or a thick cell wall like some plants and so are best kept with fish that won't try to bite or remove them. 
- Mosses require clean filtered water and a stable tank environment to thrive. 
- Mosses are not demanding for light, needing as little as 10 umols of PAR.
- Mosses do best when attached to hardscape like rock (such as dragon stone) or wood (like gold vine).
- It is recommended to regularly trim your mosses so that they don't grow too thick and unruly. These cutting are also very easy to propagate into new sections of moss. 
- CO2 can be useful to assist in the growth of mosses and prevention of algae but isn't necessary.
- Mosses don't require intense levels of fertiliser but small amounts can be beneficial. 
- Mosses can be easily attached to hardscape using aquarium safe super glue (like Seachem plant glue) or cotton thread. 
- Mosses generally prefer soft to neutral water parameters. 

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