Maxspect Ethereal LED Lighting System with ICV6 Controller Bundle

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Maxspect Ethereal LED Lighting System

Tank Mount and Bracket included.

Product backed by full Australian distributor warranty.



E5-130 5-Channel 130w




Primary lighting for general aquariums 

Modularized design, requires multiple units for larger aquariums 



Utilizing advanced heat sink with crossflow fans 

Cool air is directed into the fixture from above and below the fixture and exit from the side for maximizing heat dissipation capacity 

Built-in temperature controlled fan with programmable RGB color LED to create an aesthetic back-light effect on the fan 

This light can be used as moonlight as well 

Wi-Fi connectivity with iOS/Android app, fully programmable 

100 degrees lens and reflective cups with nano-tech paint for maximum penetration and superb color blending 


ICV6 Controller Sold Seperately or included with Bundle with item number E5-130ICV6.


Tank Mount and Bracket included.


Suspension Kit Sold Seperately.