Koi Wheat Germ & Garlic Pellet Size S (2mm pallet)bucket 10L/4.0KG


KOI WHEAT GERM & GARLIC PELLET SIZE S immunity enhancing food for koi and other pond fish. Multi-ingredient floating pellets with garlic and wheat germs for everyday feeding of young and large veiltails. The addition of garlic and wheat germs enhances fish's condition, increases their resistance to infections and facilitates digestion. Recommended particularly in spring and autumn, for low water temperature (>10¼C). In spring garlic and wheat germs strengthen fish weakened by winter hibernation and in autumn prepare them for a long and exhausting winter period. Indispensable during medical treatment and convalescence period. Regular use of KOI WHEAT GERM & GARLIC PELLET SIZE S enhances fish's immune system.
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