Koi Growth & Colour Pellet Size S (2mm pallet)bucket 3L/1.2KG


KOI GROWTH & COLOUR PELLET SIZE S colour-enhancing food for young and other pond fish. Colour and vitality-enhancing floating pellets for everyday feeding of young koi and large veiltails. If used regularly, they intensify fish's coloration due to the content of natural astaxanthin and other natural carotenoids from i.a. Marigold Flower and pepper. Carefully selected plant and animal proteins from many sources enhance fish's growth and low-carb formula encourages mass gain and reduces fat accumulation. The food is recommended from early spring until late autumn in temperature above 10¡C and for winter season for fish kept indoors. Try also: Pond Flakes. A recommended menu for young pond fish: Koi Growth & Colour Pellet size S, Koi Spirulina Pellet size S, Koi Wheat Germ & Garlic Pellet size S