Giesemann Super Actinic T5 54w




GIESEMANN T-5 /  super-actinic

The GIESEMANN T-5 / super-actinic emits a very strong, pure actinic spectrum, which generates a light white/violet effect in your aquarium that maximizes the fluorescence from your colorful corals. Ideal for supplementation of existing metal halide lighting.

Some corals reach its beauty and expression only by special fluorescent colors. Like many mussel species these animals will be found in the sea at water depths where specific UV-components are available. Therefore we have developed a fluorescent lamp that will bring these colors into the home aquarium.

The GIESEMANN T-5 / super-actinic is a high-performance T5 tube, emitting a very strong, pure actinic spectrum, which generates a light white/violet effect in your aquarium. GIESEMANN T-5 / super-actinic increase the fluorescence, enhance a maximum fluorescence from your colourful corals and lendfs itself to an ideal addition to your metal halide lighting (HQI).


Many scientific research institutes and public aquariums rely on GIESEMANN lamps. This is an impressive proof of the outstanding quality of our products.

GIESEMANN T-5 / super-actinic are available at all power levels 24, 39, 54 and 80 watts. 

Recommended for marine aquariums

  • Increases the fluorescence effect of coral and shells
  • Very good color stability through quality phosphors
  • Reinforcement of all colors in fish and corals
  • Pure actinic light spectrum
  • Promotes coral growth
  • Amazing effects of all sea creatures
  • Made in Germany 




Product info:  product          recommended for
100.555  GIESEMANN T-5 / super actinic

550 mm

 24 Watt

actinic 421 nm

approx. 160 lm

 reef / marine aquaria
100.565  GIESEMANN T-5 / super actinic

850 mm

 39 Watt

actinic 421 nm

 approx. 280 lm

reef / marine aquaria
100.575  GIESEMANN T-5 / super actinic

1150 mm

 54 Watt

actinic 421 nm

approx. 400 lm

 reef / marine aquaria
100.585  GIESEMANN T-5 /  super actinic

1450 mm

 80 Watt

actinic 421 nm

 approx. 550 lm

 reef / marine aquaria