Giesemann Aquablue Coral T5 80w


GIESEMANN T-5 / aquablue- coral


GIESEMANN T-5 / aquablue- coral is the ultimate blue/white light spectrum ( special 30:70 combination of 6000K and 22000K) Enhancing brilliant colors from your corals and fish.

Light dependent corals in the sea are inhabited by so-called zooxanthellae, single-celled algae, which provide the host through photosynthesis with nutrients. Depending on the natural location of the coral (and depending on their depth), there is a more or less blue coloured light, to which the zooxanthellae have adapted. Apart from the increased amount of blue in the light spectrum there is as well a sufficient light intensity required.

GIESEMANN T-5 / aquablue- coral  has a very nice blue/white light spectrum for brilliant colours from your corals and fish. It is ideal in combination with the GIESEMANN T-5 / actinic-blue, super-purple or super-actinic to produce exceptionally beautiful color effects and the ideal light for all marine creatures that live in salt-water and reef aquariums. A special 30:70 combination of 6000K and 22000K (approx) phosphor blend. It is specifically designed for reef aquariums mimicking sea water to a depth of one to twenty meters. It can be used for growing SPS corals up to 70cm in the aquarium.

GIESEMANN T-5 / aquablue- coral are available at all power levels 24, 39, 54 and 80 watt.

Recommended for Marine/Reef Aquaria

  • Corresponds to the spectral composition of the light under water
  • Very good color stability through quality phosphors
  • Reinforcement of all colors in fish and corals
  • Semi-natural light spectrum of about 15000 Kelvin
  • Promotes coral growth by reinforcing the preferred range of zooxanthellae in the blue spectrum
  • Absolutely brilliant, fluorescent colors of marine life
  • Made in Germany 



Product info:  product          recommended for
100.553 GIESEMANN T-5 /  aquablue coral

550 mm

 24 Watt

approx. 15000° K

approx. 1250 lm

 marine / reef aquaria
100.563  GIESEMANN T-5 / aquablue coral

850 mm

 39 Watt

approx. 15000° K

approx. 2250 lm

 marine / reef aquaria
100.573 GIESEMANN T-5 / aquablue coral

1150 mm

 54 Watt

approx. 15000° K

approx. 3200 lm

marine / reef aquaria
100.583  GIESEMANN T-5 / aquablue coral

1450 mm

 80 Watt

approx. 15000° K

approx. 4450 lm

marine / reef aquaria