Giesemann Aquablue Azure T5 24w


GIESEMANN T-5 / aquablue-azure

The GIESEMANN T-5 / aquablue-azure is a turquoise blue 16-17000K lamp developed for reef aquariums providing higher PAR to enhance the colors and growth of corals whilst producing a rich azure- blue for optimum aesthetics.
Colour - a rich turquoise blue approximating to 16-17000 Kelvin - can be used as a stand alone tube or mixed with other colours within the range.

The GIESEMANN T-5 / aquablue-azure is a high-power T5 tube with a strong and stable spectrum for lighting reef aquariums, thereby ensuring fascinating colour effects and glorious coral growth. This lighting colour with a turquoise and white spectrum is the perfect complement to our tried and tested new T-5 series, and is especially suited to producing beautiful colour effects when combined with the ACTINIC- BLUE or the AQUABLUE- CORAL. 


The GIESEMANN aquablue- azure is available in 24, 39, 54 and 80 watt versions, as standard for the entire GIESEMANN T-5 series

 Recommended for Marine/Reef Aquaria

  • Corresponds to the spectral composition of the light under water
  • Very long color stability through quality phosphors
  • Reinforcement of all colors in fish and corals
  • Rich Blue / Turquoise White light spectrum of about 1600-17000 Kelvin
  • Promotes coral growth by reinforcing the preferred range of zooxanthellae in the blue spectrum
  • Absolutely brilliant, fluorescent colors of marine life
  • Made in Germany 




Product info:  product          recommended for
100.557  GIESEMANN aquablue- azure

550 mm

 24 Watt


approx. 1200 lm

 marine / reef aquaria
100.567  GIESEMANN aquablue- azure

850 mm

 39 Watt


approx. 1800 lm

marine / reef aquaria
100.577  GIESEMANN aquablue- azure

1150 mm

 54 Watt


 approx. 2500 lm

 marine / reef aquaria
100.587  GIESEMANN aquablue- azure

1450 mm

 80 Watt


approx. 3700 lm

 marine / reef aquaria