Tropical Flower Horn Young Pellet 2mm Pallettin 250ml/95g


FLOWER HORN YOUNG PELLET colour-enhancing food for flower horns and other cichlids. High-protein, floating pellets for FLOWER HORN cichlids and other Cichlidae fish. These small pellets are intended for everyday feeding of young fish. A high level of easily assimilable protein facilitates fish's growth. Unsaturated fatty acids Ð Omega-3 and Omega-6 Ð enhance the development of a forehead hump, a characteristic feature of flower horns and large cichlids from South and Central America. Plant material and spirulina are the source of natural carotenoids. The food has been also enriched with natural astaxanthin (100 mg/kg), which ensures splendid coloration in fish regularly fed with FLOWER HORN YOUNG. The lowered content of starch protects carnivorous fish against fatty degeneration of internal organs. The pellets do not disintegrate in water, retaining their structure for a long period of time. This way they do not contaminate it or release any valuable nutrients. The volume of the pellets is only slightly increased when placed in the water, therefore there's no risk of digestive disorders in case fish eat larger helping.