Continuum Aquatics Flora Viv Grow 250ml


Flora Viv Grow

Flora Viv grow Planted high quality nitrogen source and plant growth accelerator for freshwater planted aquaria. Using fertilizers in conjunction with correct spectrum lighting and a good quality substrate will produce great results. 

The Continuum advantage. 

Flora Viv Grow is a high quality, bio-available, fertilizer for freshwater planted aquariums containing nitrogen in a safe form for aquatic use.

Flora Viv Grow also contains kelp extract, known to accelerate freshwater plant growth.

Whereas some companies use Urea as an inexpensive nitrogen source, Flora Viv Grow utillizes only sodium nitrate because urea, the main source of nitrogen in urine, can release toxic ammonia into the aquarium, which may irritate fishes gills and cause sickness and death at pH values over 7.0. Flora•Viv products contain no polycycloglutaracetal or glutaraldehyde.

Use in aquarium keeping. 

Use Flora Viv multinutrient fertilizer as your main plant nutrient source, then use this product, Flora Viv Grow to provided added nitrogen and kelp extract to accelerate plant growth and to support heavily planted aquariums.

Do not exceed 25 mg/L (ppm) nitrate in the aquarium.

Simultaneous use of Bacter Gen F to establish and sustain growth of proper micro organisms and recycle aquarium nutrients will greatly benefit all plants and the aquarium ecosystem.

The use of Flora Viv Prolifera will provide additional carbon for heavily planted aquariums. Growth of all photosynthetic organisms also requires strong lighting of proper spectrum.

Consult your lighting supplier for assistance in the proper type of light, and photo periods for the plants that you are growing. Be sure to ask lots of questions to get the very best lighting system for your aquarium.

Directions and protocol. 

  • Shake well prior to use. 
  • Add 1 capful (5 ml) per 200 litres of freshwater aquarium water once or twice per week, as needed to support heavy plant growth.

  • Expert use. 

  • Shake well prior to use.
  • Add 1 capful (5 ml) per 200 litres of freshwater aquarium water once every other day as needed to support heavy plant growth. 
  • Measure the nitrate concentration with a test kit and maintain between 10 and 20 mg/L.