Dr Tims Reef Waste Away - Saltwater, 240ml Treats 908 litres

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Dr Tims Waste Away 240ml Lowers Phosphate and Nitrate

Waste-Away Sludge Busting Bacteria

Dr Tims Waste Away 240ml Lowers Phosphate and Nitrate and is a Natural Aquarium Cleaner.


Waste-Away is a unique combination of bacteria that attack and dissolve organic wastes in the aquarium quickly.

Even with good maintenance and monthly water changes, sludge and wastes remain in the aquarium in hard to reach and hard to see places, and are dissolved in the water.

Waste-Away, a 100% natural, beneficial-bacteria based product, works to quickly find, break down and remove these wastes.

  • Helps Skimmers Work Better
  • Increases ORP
  • Removes gunky hidden wastes
  • 100% Safe for all reef tanks
  • Lowers Phosphates and Nitrates
  • Dissolves sludge and dirt
  • Unclogs gravel/coral beds
  • Removes hidden wastes
  • Contains no phosphates
  • 100% natural

  • Waste-Away beneficial bacteria will naturally dissolve the sludge and dirt that accumulates in an aquarium and prevent the build up of waste when used on a regular weekly basis.

    Helps reduce Phosphate and Nitrate values.

    Waste-Away is a fast acting and specially formulated to remove aquarium gunk, unclog gravel/coral beds, and keep filter pads freely flowing longer.

    This results in better water flow, more oxygen and a healthier aquarium environment.

    Directions for use:

    Caution: When initially using Waste-Away we strongly recommend adding only half a dose.

    For especially dirty tanks may temporarily cause cloudy water and a low ammonia value.

    If the Water turns cloudy do not add more until it clears. Slowly waiting a minimum of 48 hours between dosing build up to the maximum dosage over a week or two.

    Do Not Over Dose

    as this may cause a drop in the oxygen level.


    For best results turn UV and Skimmer off for 12-24 hours but turn it on asap if water turns cloudy.

    Shake well before use

  • Dose 10ml (1 capful) per 38 litres.
  • Use once a week as a natural way to keep your aquarium clean.
  • Do not add two or more bacterial-based products in the same day.