Deltec PF501 Calcium Reactor

New Deltec Fluidized Calcium Reactors - 4th Generation with integral CO2 bubble counter, non return valve, probe holder and non return valve. Optional solenoid valve available. 

The Deltec Reactors are now fitted with sponges at the top and bottom of the reaction chamber to prevent the posibility of the fluidised media from entering the pump. The whole lid assembly now removes via a bayonet fitting to allow easy access to the media for filling or cleaning of the reactor. 

Deltec Calcium Reactors like many of Deltec's products are different from the normal items available on the marketplace. 

With conventional non fluidised calcium reactors, as the media dissolves and breaks down, the fine particles are left to choke up the reactor and the water finds its own easiest route through. This results in tracking or channeling, where the contact area with the water ends up being very small leading to a rapid drop off in efficiency. 

With the Deltec fluidised reactors the media is kept constantly moving so that it is impossible for tracking to occur and the whole of the media is utilised. Additionally the smaller grain size gives a much greater surface area for reaction with the water and any fine particles are either dissolved or flushed out of the reactor. 


Rated for aquariums up to: 
Heavy Stocking and High Illumination 900L 
Normal Stocking and Normal Illumination 1100L 
Media capacity: 3 Kg Rowalith C+ (not included) 
Pump: Aqua-Bee 2000 
Power Usage: 20 watts 
Dimensions: L: 210mm W: 150mm H: 500mm 
Solenoid: Optional Extra 


A cylindrical transparent container 
Circulation Pump 
Bubble Counter 
Optional Solenoid Valve 
Non Return Valve 
Provision for pH electrode 
Micro Filter